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Corriere della Sera

The "new" way to Sicily Welfare


2 August 1, 1999

---------------------------------------- ------------------------- The "new" way to Sicily Welfare PACT FOR NON - WORK NOT WORK Sicily also has its "new" pact on the work launched by the Region on a warm evening destination 'in August, while in Italy over whether and how to import the' agreement signed at Milan, which provides for the 'recruitment of immigrants with temporary contracts. "New" so to speak. To change the color of Palermo come (now there n 'is a center - for which the left and' was announced in mid-crisis' September), but not the substance of welfare clientelism. Yeah, 'cause in' last meeting came the first of August and is' determined to promote "social income" for about ten thousand unemployed to accept work offered by local authorities. And to avoid the risk of labels with the "socially useful work", which bring to mind only scandals and waste of public money, this is the new formula: the "social service worker", which has branded the same CISL without mince words. It runs the risk of giving birth to the "placement of assistance," the worst solution of unemployment. A bad page, the 'nth of a story too long. In Sicily the precarious - unemployed and looking for an 'employment (public) are now recognized as a social class, for which the region extends welcomes the purse strings. There are more than thirty thousand people "article" the forest thirty-five thousand, ten thousand engaged in "socially useful work", the twenty thousand civil servants hired under a contract for the 1991 elections but confirmed year (cost one million every 365 days), eight hundred precarious Authorities for Agricultural Development, the five cataloguers of Culture. But more scandal ', less scandal, the region continues. And, if you will, can 'also carry out step d' symphony orchestra, because it has a permanent staff of 130 that costs 14 billion (three billion and other contributions come from Rome, from the central government). Can expect that trade reform and tax collection, even at 'agenda of' last session. And so, rather, income and social 'another way of throwing billions in the wind without creating a single place of real work. They should burn with shame the conscience of Directors and assessors, in charge and not charging. But to burn in the hot summer of the century in Sicily, were just (so to speak) three thousand hectares of the park Madonie, Cefalu '. And in this case check the version here is worse, because 'crime of "Welfare" Sicilian. " In fact, the regional branch of the WWF denounced the direct relationship between the number of accidents (almost all intentional) and number of calls of seasonal forest workers. Quest 'summer the region has made 35 thousand to 700 thousand pounds per week. It passed a number of working days, the temporary seasonal get the 'allowances' of unemployment throughout the 'year and have a good chance' of being recruited again 's next year. How not suspect, and they 'asked the Sole - 24 Ore Professor Mario Centorrino
(a Sicilian, not a Po - extremist League), which ends with the establishment of a precise relationship between fire and business 's extinguishers, a relationship which of course encourages and feeds the fire themselves? Gia ', not as suspects in the land of the suspects? In short, the fire would be hung to promote the recruitment of temporary forest and not the other way: it takes to respond to 'emergency - fires. Unbelievable but almost certain. It is not 'a case that the issue you are dealing with the judiciary. On August 27, will meet ' the Council of Ministers must 'decide on the request for declaration of a state of calamity' made by the Mayor of Cefalu 'and the additional contributions to be paid. The magnet 'c' has been, but 'was unnatural. And respect for all, from the Sicilian town, it would be good that the story of Cefalu 'had not been declassified in paperwork and was discussed as is the case, unfortunately, deserves.
Guido Gentili


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