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The Republic (AP) October 23, 2001

Suspected councilor

Castiglione: "This is a terrorist act," The fire after the rejection of the contract extension. 50 000 temporary workers in the woods and the police office in the background


"I consider them the fires of terrorist acts. I have always defended the forest, but this time there are striking coincidences that make me rise more than a doubt. " The Department of Agriculture and Forestry Giuseppe Castiglione is the man who rules over the forests of Sicily and, above all, on the army of foresters and precarious by the day in charge of watching over the island green. Walk, it is appropriate to say, on the embers. Sunday, the fires have taken away one hundred acres of woods, the precarious first few days that are hired each year for the Fire Service had requested a contract extension and now under his department are expected thousands more precarious calling - even them - taking out. "We'll do it - says Castiglione - but it is clear this will be the last time. This government wants to close with precarious. " There is the acrid smell of suspicion around precarious to the army that is used annually for the Forest Service, including the fire service. Fifty thousand people working - in rotation - five months of the year, but that gain, amounting to almost 30 million. Of these, 7,000 are engaged in the fire service which, incidentally, ended Oct. 15. They asked him to go ("because it is hot and the fires could break out again"), the Region said no because it would be necessary to make a new budget package. On the first day of south wind, on time, the fires broke out. Now the mayor of Monroe, Salvino Caputo, takes issue with the State: 'Who decided not to renew the contracts of fire fighters is morally responsible for the disaster St. Martin's on a par with those who set fire. If there had been in their service we would have reduced the damage. " But is this really army precarious responsible for monitoring the forests for which, each year the regional government spends 500 billion? The wealth of green of the island is so vast as to justify such a high number of employees? The same inspectors forest behind anonymity, that you trust them to most of these temporary workers do not know just what to do. Moreover, only 8 percent of the Sicilian territory is occupied by forests. Trifles compared, for example, the Valle d'Aosta (where the forest area is equal to 23 percent of the territory) or South Tyrol, which supports its economy, especially in that 44 percent of the territory occupied by forests, or Umbria, where the forest area is 31 percent of the total. All regions where the supervision and protection of forests is not entrusted to a precarious given day, but the forest rangers. Here, in fact. The Rangers are also in Sicily. In all, including non-commissioned officers, are a thousand. A substantial part of them instead of the paths of the woods, behind desks. It's the same director of Forests (now in the process of moving alderman Budget) Jerome of life to have it put on paper in a memo dated October 5. He writes of life to address the shortage of administrative staff in offices (in a region that has 20 000 employees in salary), "it was necessary to use beyond the limit of 10 percent allowed by law, the Forest Service staff (noncommissioned officers, guards and agents technical) which is thus removed from the tasks of organization with harm, especially in some areas for the activities that the institutions involved in forest management. " Not bad, at least to read the writing on the roaring of the fire service on the web page of the Region, "Technological developments are planned for the coming months with the gradual implementation of a network of automated remote sensing of the outbreaks in the band the visible and infrared, using technologies borrowed from the aeronautics and space. This network, once completed, will enable the discovery of outbreaks of fire on the rise. " In the meantime the figures are a disaster continued, those supplied by the fires of Legambiente: 1 January to 30 June this year 107 fires have broken out in Sicily who burned 627 acres of woodland. It was worse only in Puglia (132 and 1108 hectares in fire smoke), even in Calabria fared better (241 fires, but "only" 556 acres burned). Just to understand, in Val d'Aosta, the bulletin states that 16 fires and 6 hectares lost in Trentino Alto Adige 12 fires and 2 hectares in smoke, in Umbria 4 and 6 hectares fire disappeared. There, however, the south wind blowing. And there's an army of 50 000 temporary workers to defend the forests.


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