Monday, February 21, 2011

White Mucus Coming 8 Days To Menses


Dear subscribers,
these days we have, with the Councillors and Directors On Antrassi and Sparma Giglione and Ptolemy , confirmed that as agreed at the last meeting in October of 2010 with President Lombardi c / o the President of the Region.
For us, the FAI, the result, although it lacks the official handover by Lombardo, it has become, as the commitment that the current Aldermen and the President have undertaken in the above mentioned last meeting in October 2010 has shifted by one year the full implementation of the historic Agreement of 14 May 2009, then 2011 will see (and was confirmed by Councillors at meetings of 16:02:11 with the 'Ass and Sparma 19:01:11 Antrassi with D'ass, then with the circular issued by the Regional Director dell' Ing Giglione 's 11:02:11) the implementation of this program.
This transposition, see all workers actors in the transition from 78 to 101 days., 101 to 151 and 151 to 180. In this sense, all the IRF and the Companies Provincial of Sicily, are already planning the departure of goodwill for 2011, as agreed, and then to 101, 151st 180.
Then fit we can not greet these results, because even serious people and signed by leaders who have the onerous task to better manage the fate of Sicily, and the Forest are a big priority for attitude idrogeolocico , the environment and we hope in future also for agro-forestry, environmental and industrial.
If we do not do this, we will demonstrate our weakness because things have always worried about chop chop first.
We can not of intentions, because if we did we should fulfill the region, as it reaffirms everything that is, the full implementation of the Agreement of 2009 in 2011. Of course, then the substance and thus the assurance of 'we have only when workers have actually played all season.
Instead, we must reserve our attention today to the revision of the law to give firmer guarantees for workers in the sector, the Integrated Regional Contract expired long ago, the chapter only to the OTI and the reparcelling under a single director of 2 specificity to finally give certain guarantees to workers and not breakable by the contingencies.
course, if the promises and the agreements signed this year too, bays full respect for lack of funds and regional funds for FAS or lack of political union, a unit certainly will descend on the streets to protest but after and only after someone closes the door in his face.
We are sure to represent a sector done by real jobs, who want to review with that contract, which signed the agreements and if protest, improve living conditions with a steady job and recognized by the people.
The Secretary-General
; ; ; Fabrizio Colonna.


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