Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mujer Follando Con Nina


1023 Starts work for forestry workers in the three bladder

of Enna, Piazza Armerina and Nicosia 1023 call for forestry workers. For
Enna in 358 workers who will start work next March 21, Piazza Armerina Nicosia 290 and 375, while the call on 2 March.
Joint Statement of the Secretaries of Provincial Make CISL, Massimo Bubba; Flai CGIL, Nunzio and Scornavacche Uila Uil, Vincenzo Savarino:
- express satisfaction with the timing of the request, because it enables all 151sti 101sti and the Province, and with the financing of the fender will allow a further appeal avenues, which will allow the next start for all 78sti province of Enna.
- As regards timing, will allow compliance with the agreement signed by the Regional Offices Make CISL, CGIL and Flai Uila Uil with the President of Sicily Region Lombardo, a first step towards the stabilization of the workforce. At the same time
Scornavacche, Bubba and Savarino express serious concern at the budget of the Sicilian Region, as it is operating in twelfths of the budget and still the same, are insufficient to achieve the objectives and then to reach agreement .
"We remain vigilant with the Regional Secretary Fabrizio Colonna, and Gaetano Salvatore Tripi Pensabene, so that in the preparation of the budget of the region are found the necessary resources."



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