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How To Spot Rare Tech Deck

5 SEN. Enrico La Loggia (PDL) PDL


The FAS was established to finance infrastructure, this is very well known, however, only served for other things that have nothing to do with the underdeveloped areas, and for our problem I think we should draw from another chapter (I say should), I would agree more if all this were to happen as quickly as if he blessed possibile.Però fas we are denied funds to finance other things questionable, then I'm not there anymore.

In the transmission of Porta a Porta Tuesday, 8 February 2011, the Palermo Senator Enrico La Loggia of the PDL, the use of funds during Fas said that "the region of Sicily has submitted projects to be € 1 billion for forestry, of which 990 million just to pay the staff, that is not an investment plan is a fraud to the detriment of Italian citizens. So if you use such funds or worse, do not use, because then the government says, "Listen a moment, before you give these funds to use them badly, in this way, think a moment."
This showed Sen.

Since we are not stupid, but most do not eat "bread scurdatu" The Lodge would like to remind the Senator and all those who want to to believe that the cause of the crisis is the fault of Forestry Sicilians, that the funds were used for infrastructure for other puffins.

Here are some examples of how funds are spent fas.

To cover the holes in the town of Palermo in the subsidiary Amia and to pay the salaries of employees of the municipal administration, as well as for reconstruction after the earthquake in Abruzzo, Marche and Molise, and also to plug holes in government budget in Rome and Catania, fines for milk quota, the funds for underdeveloped areas were used to repay € 2 billion in health care of 3 regions: Campania, Calabria and Lazio, 400 000 euro went to a private school in Varese. The garbage crisis and the extension of the destruction of refrigerators, including the bridge over the Strait, although the government has said it will not cost anything to the state, will be a recipient of Fas, transport on Lake Garda to the debts of the Capitol, and even to cover The deficit resulted from the Adda ICE Fund to finance the integration for companies in the North and the deficit of the State Railways. gasoline and diesel discounts granted to drivers of Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige, denounced by Representative Louis Pd Vico. The Fund sees subtract another 12 billion, 963 million to finance a series of measures, including the vineyards of Sicily, the purchase of firefighting aircraft (other 150), the viability of Sicily and Calabria (1 billion); the extension of the destruction of refrigerators (935 million), the waste emergency in Campania (450); cover the costs of the health service (1 billion 309 million), and even cover the costs for the recruitment of university researchers (63). Another cut a billion and a half to get a range of expenses including those for G8 in Sardinia (100 million), marked by scandals, with the floods in Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta (50 million) to cover the costs of the crisis Decree 2008 and the provisions of the budget bill. Fund for Employment and Training, for example, are allocated 4 billion that are first used to finance the layoffs and training programs for employees of social welfare recipients. As for the fund to support the economy real funding goes to cover expenses for the Acerra incinerator (355 million), while 80 million go away again for the TETRA network of the police in Sardinia and one billion to finance the guarantee fund for small and medium-sized enterprises ; 400 million to increase funding 'dormant accounts' compensation for victims of financial fraud of investors, 150 million for the Institute of development food assistance, 50 million for operations in urban enclaves, 100 for environmental clean-up operations , 220 contribution to the foundation of Sicilian Remedies for biomedical and biotechnology research. Within the Infrastructure Fund is consumed (12 billion 356 million endowment), where the South sees little or nothing. His
envelopes they go to a thousand streams to cover the various government measures: 900 million for the adjustment of prices of building materials (cement and iron) needed to rebalance the contractual relations between contracting clients and contractors after the heavy increases in costs, 390 for the privatization of the company Tirrenia, 960 to finance the investment group Ferrovie dello Stato, another one billion 440 million for service contracts of Trenitalia, 15 million for interventions in favor of the fairs of Bari , Verona, Foggia, Padova.Ancora: 330 million are to ensure the medium-long distance Trenitalia, building 200 prisons (prisons in Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Liguria) and to secure the school, 12 million of transport in the lakes Maggiore, Garda and Como. Infrastructure also weigh on the bottom high-speed Milan-Verona and Milan-Genoa Bologna's underground, and the Frejus tunnel and the foothills Lecco-Bergamo. And then the works of Expo 2015 which include the extension of the two lines of Milan's underground for 451 million, 58 million of the C line than that of Rome, the 50 to the Venice lagoon, the adjustment of the buildings of the police in Parma (5), one of the metro systems of Parma, Brescia, Bologna and Turin (110); the metrotranvia of Bologna (54 million); 408 million for the reconstruction of L'Aquila, one billion 300 million to the company Stretto di Messina. And not for the cost of construction of the great work as discussed in the last 20 years, but only to enable the company to start operating.
me to a conclusion, the approximately 570 million euro that the region of Sicily pay more than in 2006 should have been interrupted in 2010. So they thought, the President of the Region, Raffaele Lombardo, and his assessors. Instead of Rome have decided, unilaterally, that Sicily will continue to pay € 570 million a year more. On the other hand, the national government will close one eye, or perhaps both eyes, if the Region of Sicily, to pay for health, will draw freely from Fas, or from funds for underdeveloped areas that should be used for infrastructure.
Think: the national government for three years now, refuses to provide the resources Fas for fear that the southern regions to use these funds to pay for temporary workers and clientele varied. The money of Fas, they explained to us until a few days ago, Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti, and the Minister for the Regions, Raffaele Lease, shall be used for infrastructure and not for current expenditure. Now, we are told by Rome that can be used for health, ie current expenditure.
That consistency, guys!

But the important thing 'AND' NOT TO BE USED FOR FORESTRY

These figures do not I have invented them myself, but have been published by several newspapers and online are all DOCUMENTS so I just extracted the most interesting pieces to make them public.


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