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With 30 000 forest workers, many of them graduates, the company regional forests of Sicily has seen fit to open the door to another 240 people to be trained and then employed in the management and control services to ' internal reserves. Learn Pino, a member of the Democratic Party 37 years of active service in the fire department, member of the Regional Committee of Civil Protection, has submitted an urgent interpellation to the president Raffaele Lombardo and alderman of Agriculture Michael Cimino, who has formally requested to cancel the selection announcement.
Why did he take this position so clear?
Because that measure is at least unclear. It does not indicate what are the interwoven nature reserves and the list includes cities that have nothing to do with the protected areas. I also find the odd behavior of the general manager of the company even when they have so many plans to add more precarious.
What has become the forestry sector in Sicily? How do I use?
In all these years has ended up becoming a kind of welfare at the expense of the region and all taxpayers. The forest protection and the protection of the landscape have moved into the background. The focus has been on the force work place from time to time to satisfy the needs of politicians who would later received favors election.
What about politicians?
Never before in this matter it is difficult to distinguish between deployments. It 's a problem that affects us all. The public interest has been bent to serve the private sector. If you go to analyze the details of the assumptions made in all these years, you find that it intensifies as we approach the elections. Meanwhile the Sicilian landscape heritage suffers. And the recent avalanche of Messina shows what can the consequences. Every day consumes a little havoc: indiscriminate cuts, diseased trees are not felled, forests are not a factor of wealth but a potential danger to the ecosystem.
How do you pull out of this funnel?
stabilizing the employment relationship with the forest, with maximum of 3-5 years. Only in this way you can remove the worker from the political blackmail of the day.

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