Thursday, February 3, 2011

Removing Rear Speakers In An 02 Grand Am


Sortino, April 28, 2010 - The PDL Sortino, expresses great satisfaction for submission to the Finance Bill that is being discussed at the ARS, the amendment tabled by the Hon. Enzo Vinciullo,
that prompt and committed to compliance with the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the President of the Region May 14, 2009, provided for the payment of arrears for the implementation of the national collective agreement for 2006-2009 and the rise of the working days for all forest workers.
The PDL Sortino, together with all its leaders who strongly wanted to present this amendment because Sortino forestry workers represent a large slice of the economy and "for this - says councilor In Bongiovanni - that we have to thank the Hon. Enzo Vinciullo that once again proved to be sensitive and helpful to the issues and problems affecting throughout our country. "

Richard I nard:

"included in the maxi-amendment of the Government funding for forest workers and forest rangers' Submissions to the Tab B of the Budget debate in the Ars, the maxi amendment Tab.b.359 Government, financing r iguardanti forestry workers and forest rangers of Sicily .
Regarding forestry workers provided funding for 8 million and 400 thousand euro as arrears to the workers concerned and 11 million and 300 000 € for the increase in working days, funds that are taken from the body Fas.Relativamente provided funding for forest and 800 000 € 2 million per year and 2 million 800 thousand euro in 2011.
"The commitment of the President of the Lombardy Region and has signed the memorandum of understanding with the unions - said the Hon. Minardi - was maintained, and thanks to these funds, Minardo concludes, will be guaranteed greater serenity and tranquility to forestry workers. "


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