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Is It True That When Your Nose Is Itchy


December 12, 2006.

Monday, November 11, A Maniace, in the evocative setting of the Castle of Nelson, was held the International Conference of the mountain, organized by the Agriculture and Forestry. Present authorities of the Regional Administration, Members of European national, regional mayors, councilors, municipalities interested in the problems of the mountain.
planned to relations, was followed by a broad discussion, including the speech by the Mayor of Bronte, Sen.Pino Firrarello, in the function of the landlord. Firrarello thanked all participants for their attention and commitment in addressing the important places of the mountain areas, emphasizing the different vision found today in this conference in terms of culture and politics.
Referring then to the activity reforestation and to the many billions invested by the region, he stressed, the Sen.Firrarello, it must not be an end in itself or used to allow the opportunity to enjoy the forest to unemployment benefits. The work of forest productivity and compliance must be ensured for the development of the territory.
Only then can reassess the mountainous areas, in terms of permanence of the population and the development of tourism. He complained, finally, the lack of enforcement of the law 13 that prohibits the planting of trees, in the presence of fire.
He concluded the morning's work, the Regional Councillor for Agriculture and Forestry, Prof.Giovanni Way. In his closing speech, spoke of the regional forest plan, pointing to resources Feas, European funds disponibili.La use of these resources, he said, must be directly related to a program compared to all institutions and thus launched in quick times the concrete implementation.
Latest topic addressed Alderman Way, that of the examples of procedures, often because of lack of development for its interpretation difficult, even by regional offices, which discourage the industry, urged a review of procedures to overcome difficulties that they have no reason to exist. After having thanked the speakers for the thickness of the contents set in their speeches, invited all the managers in charge of agriculture and forestry, with particular reference to the Forest Service, to ensure the maximum effort to recover lost time.

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