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Advanced Course in-depth information on winemaking techniques - 3rd meeting

For this third meeting we were at the Antaeus Company, which produces many years, high-quality wines, many of their products have been rewarded with four Rose Camuno Viniplus the guide, this year also received the Rose Green .

The theme of this lesson is: The influence of the moon in March and bubbles.

From the courtyard of the Company, Romano Losio us in the vineyard, we get a little 'feet, we are in the highest part of the whole Oltrepo' Pavese. The soil here has a strong presence of marl limestone, we are 400 meters above sea level, vines of Pinot Noir, Guyot, facing South West optimal position for this vine, vines of 35 years, but new plants, there are also a few acres planted with vines double, there is always the grass between the rows.

Top of the vineyards have the crest with the Valle Versa.
We climb again, walking on a paved road and arrive at Bellaria vineyard in name and in fact, a fresh wind through us, while we admire a cordon Chardonnay, the vineyard of 10 years, this company not only exposed to the southwest.

In these areas dell'Oltrepo 'Pinot Noir is full of color. Gancia
In 1850, coming in these areas for hunting, has identified this land ideal for growing Pinot Noir in 1862 we were the first plants.
go down and go back to the Company, through the vineyard La Marne, details the stakes that are electrified during the harvest to prevent the entry, soils, wild boar.
The Antaeus Company was established on land that was owned by the Bishop's Curia, the name comes from the giant Antaeus mythological every opponent who challenged and won by acquiring the power, so the company gets its strength from the earth.
We stopped under the pergola, located 20 minutes from the farthest point of harvest, there are presses, 40 tons is the ability of the air, you run two presses, the first is slow and produces 40% of white must, the second bearing 100 and going hard at 1.6 bar pressure produces the juice colored.
We go into the cellar, first of all steels are chilled, then the autoclave method for iron Martinotti. We see two intertwining vines have roots on the foot of the graft, we enter the underground cellar, made with beautiful bays.

are shown in the oak pupitre 60 +60 bottles each, the riddling is all done by hand. We see the first pile of OP DOCG Pinot Noir from 33,813 bottles. The liqueur d'expedition is produced from them, leaving some dry grapes in wooden boxes.
Finally we visit the area of \u200b\u200bthe disgorgement, with machines for the capping and labeling bottles.
We enter then in the area equipped for tasting, going to side by a series of antique tools.

took the floor and their young winemaker and Mrs. Antonella Cribellati to speak to Moon and his influences, articulated a discourse that starts from the ancient civilizations of the Middle East and through 3000 years of history we come to today's society, it is a fact that the moon affects the agriculture and viticulture.

start Antaeus wine tasting, a Pinot Noir Brut Blanc vinified Method Martinotti, pale yellow, fine and persistent, fairly complex nose, floral and fruity but with few primary aromas, great structure in the mouth, being a wine Young notes of citrus and green fruit, wine, ideal for cocktails, but can make a whole meal.

The second wine is a Pinot Noir 100% Nature, award-winning wine, served on the Magnum 2003, in conjunction with a plate of salami, but extremely soft wine, made only with the first flower, smells very rich, many years on the lees , hints of tropical fruit and fresh flowers, balsamic and mint in the mouth of the great Pinot shoulder Black

Third Cruas wine in a preview release within one month after the official launch at Vinitaly, in conjunction with a hot dish of pisarei and beans, a nice color, interesting wine clean nose with hints of wild berries, the taste is very balanced and dry.

The fourth wine is a Pinot Nero 2009, only steel, Roccolo Coste, a beautiful ruby \u200b\u200bred color, the nose hints of red fruit, soft tannins and flavor in the mouth, combined with the latter coming wine and cheese. Securing the

visit the Company by purchasing a few bottles and let Oltrepo 'who gave us a sunny day with a temperature mild and made us want to learn to work well on the holding Antaeus. Hello



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