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Gry Szczelaninki Dla Chłopców


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flai-CGIL Executive Committee of the forest dispute

The dispute in the forestry sector has been among the topics central to the debate that took place this morning, during the Executive Committee of the Flai - CGIL Trapani.
Particular attention was, in fact, paid to non-payment of arrears of contract, the forestry workers await from 2002 to September 2008.
"Over the last settling the 2008 budget - said the provincial secretary of the CGIL Flai, Salvatore Castronovo - the Region has provided the sum of approximately € 72 million to be sent to the forest for a day at work and play activities in 2008 by adapting, however, the only contractual wage increases in September. No sum - he continues - was, however, expected to pay off the arrears, despite being released by the Region of the news that the money provided would be used to pay all accrued salary. "
Trade unionists have also discussed the many problems of the fire, and in particular of lost wages salaries for October and November 2008.
"In these days - said Castronovo - have urged, once again, the Regional Department of Agriculture to proceed with the balance of wages. It seems that our application has been granted and, in short, the workers should get the payment of wages. "
representatives Flai - CGIL have revealed that the union will fight for the presentation of a government bill transposing the agreement signed in 2005 with the Regional Department of Agriculture, which provides for the transfer of workers from 78 working days to 101, from 101 to 151 working days and the latter for an indefinite period.
Secretary Castronovo has finally announced that the union will take incisive action to fight to protect and defend the rights of forest workers.



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