Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Enotice 18, 19 and 20 March 2011 at the Fort Prenestino-Rome


E notice comes from the desire to continue the journey started in the first edition of Ttterra
and Freedom / Critical wine.Iniziativa who had among its creators anarcho-winemaker Luigi Veronelli.
In these years of activity in our small, we had the ambitious goal that was also to Veronelli, to counter their supply chains, develop a critical eye on products, find the
sensory sensitivity, and blurred now inhibited by large multinationals and propaganda misleading. Imagine together a virtuous circle between environmental quality, production quality and quality of social relations
But speaking of wine also means talking about Culture, Art and History of the people.
Many ancient and modern literary works are full of references and fascinating legends about the link wine and sexuality. (Anacreon, Sappho, Ovid, Galileo, Shakespeare, Baudelaire, Hesse, Neruda and others).
The sphere of sexuality in itself is very intimate and precious socially abused, most of the advertising images approach the product for sale, a female body associated with a meaning erotic.
Often we are put before the evidence of a signal that we want to inculcate, that Sex = Power.
Here our attempt is to reclaim a sense that has nothing to do with it ... because Squalor Eros belongs to the most inner sphere 'that has the exterior, an empty body will never be
sensual. The art does not differentiate so much and does not separate the meaning from the mental or indeed any company that has developed a sophisticated visual images
has represented sex in a more or less natural, so we will try instead of mere nudity outside of the emergence of a nudity inner fundamental nature. We will do it with so many artists / painters, photographers / and cartoonists / and who agreed to participate in this three days and that
exhibit their works by dividing the space with tenants critics. The goal is to stimulate all our senses through taste nude art and wine.


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