Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Knee Hurts When I Wake Up

Rotllan Torra - Wines of the Priory

I got some bottles of English wine of the Priory.
It 'time to open them, I tell you now my impressions and information about these products:

Amadis 2005 Priorat DOQ - Rotllan Torra
Garnacha Vieja Vieja 25% 25%

Syrah 25% Cabernet Sauvignon 15% Merlot 10%

Amadis de Gaulle was a noble knight, son of Perion and Elisena. He fought successfully against the giants and horrible beings.
Vineyards Sites 70 and 80 years to 500 meters above sea level, is put into new French barriques of Allier oak for 10 months. 14% of alcohol by volume.
This wine is a treat for the taste and smell, with hints of red fruit and vanilla flavors, firm, clear, tasty and hot.
tannic strength, makes it perfect for accompanying dishes, a wine that I can sight ten years.
This wine has been refined with the white of eggs following the ancient tradition of the Mediterranean peoples, slowly fermented in steel tanks for 15 days at a constant temperature of 27 º C to extract the best of both substance and color.

Tirant 2005 Priorat DOQ - Rotllan Torra
Garnacha Vieja Vieja Cariñena
25% 25% 25%

Cabernet Sauvignon 15% Syrah 10% Merlot

Tirant lo Blanc was a heroic medieval knight, strong, strong, intelligent but also refined and elegant.
The wine available by March 2009 has a life expectancy of about 15 years. Vineyards of 80 sites to 600 meters above sea level. Past 12 months in new French barriques. 14% of alcohol by volume.
is done by a fermentation of long-term, fundamental to the extraction of color. When the fermentation is finished in stainless steel, softens the liquid in a controlled environment for 15/30 days. Once
that this operation is complete, the wine is racked two or three times before proceeding with malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels Troncais brand new.
ruby \u200b\u200bred color, firm and clear, hints of ripe red fruit, hints of cherry, blackberry jam, licorice, tobacco and roasting. Fairly consistent, fresh and well balanced, complex, evolved tannins, tasty, great acidity.

Reserva 2005 Priorat DOQ - Rotllan Torra
Mazuelo 50% 25% 25% Cabernet Sauvignon

Born in a climate of silence. The secret of its great importance is the time.
result of meticulous work, tradition and humility. A true legend. 13.5% alcohol content by volume.
The grapes were grown in optimal conditions and received the right intensity of solar radiation.
On the other hand, Rotllan Torra has maintained the same meticulous work year after year, the harvest is all performed by hand.
ruby \u200b\u200bred color, clean and bright, with the power of alcohol and consistency.
Great nose, hints of musk, ripe blackberry, raspberry and blueberry, high aromatic expression, which improves in the glass, spicy aromas, with hints of red fruit and licorice, with moderate acidity and velvety tannins.
The mouth is soft and elegant, aromatic and very persistent, with a long finish that leaves a complex range of flavors on the palate.
wide range of combinations, including highly processed products, red meats, game, stews and cheese.

Moscatel DOQ Priorat - Rotllan
Torra Moscatel 90% 10%
Pedro Ximénez

It 's a very soft wine, fine and fragrant but not cloying. It has a beautiful golden yellow color.
Intense aromas of muscat grapes, hints of orange peel, high intensity.
The mouth is soft and silky, with hints of roasted coffee and glycerin. Very persistent. A known alcoholic a bit 'too intrusive for my taste, sipping wine after a meal.
special bottle with a triangular base transparent label 500 ml 16% alcohol content by volume. Thank you very much

couple of friends who helped me to discover this company.
are wines that I liked very much, certainly an area that deliver high quality products. Hello



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