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FORESTRY: NOTE ON THE TERRITORIAL FLAI MOU signed on 14.05.2009 with the regional government.


the evening of Thursday, May 14 in Palermo, with the signing of the MoU has consolidated the path taken with the agreement of November 30, 2005, in which the law 14/2006 has not fully implemented. With this agreement, the result is a new season of improvements since the implementation of important steps such as: ►
The expansion of forest area, the hydrogeological protection of the territory;
► The increase in working days to forestry workers;
► The effective protection of forest resources.
has achieved a significant result, which will follow a bill to consolidate the employment and making structural improvements. This
the table with the progression of employment.

DAYS 2009. 78 STI GG. 90, 101 STI GG. 130, 151 STI (single company) GG. 165 GG.
DAYS 2010. 78 STI GG. 101, 101 STI GG. 151, 151 STI (single company) GG. 180.

From July 2009 will begin to be paid the arrears for the years contract

In the past, the regional government had put forward the proposal to pay one-off, the union has pursued a strong line in the assembly and voted on by employees, not to give up even a penny, and this was what we've been carrying around this time. workers receive 100% , although the amounts will be staggered over a three year period.
below the table with the percentages.

July 2009 - 25% of totale25%
July 2010 - 35%
July 2011 - , 40%

to be completed by July the discussion the renewal of the Regional Integration Work. Now you need to ensure that all the way see a just solution to avoid that someone put a spoke in the wheel to slow or worse, to sabotage the agreement. Weighs in this regard, the absence at the negotiating table Councillor G. And the way he tried in all ways to create divisions among workers, pass the idea that only by accepting the increase of 25 days a year, only to workers 101sti they could arrive in the next two years at the top end of 151 days , and nothing for other workers. The obstinacy of the leaders of the union confederation FAI - ICFTU FLAI - CGIL and Uila - UIL did achieve an important result for all workers, has been pursued with determination and with a great sense of responsibility. The high compactness of the trade union confederation has meant that all those who have unsuccessfully tried to divide the workers were defeated. our ongoing commitment to achieve the final result, the provisions of Law 14/2006, ie, a category of workers who have a stable and lasting employment relationship.


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