Sunday, January 30, 2011

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FLAI The Forestry Department of the CGIL in Palermo, at its meeting on 25 January 2011 in the presence of 62 delegates forest, after much debate and dispute points to the agenda forest reaffirms the waiver for the year 2011, the observance of the Agreement signed May 14, 2009 with the Government of Region.
welcomes the interlocutor between the regional secretariat and Uila FLAI FAI and the Government, which took place a few days ago, referring to the scheduling of work activities for the year 2011.
Confirm the need to put in the meeting, already in the works with the President of the Region, the issues concerning:
  • the certainty of financial resources for implementation of the Year 2011 ' Agreement of 14 May 2009;
  • the renewal of the Regional Integration work
  • The monthly payment in December;
  • reimbursement of expenses incurred by the workers for vaccination against tetanus;
  • the immediate payment of dues arrears of workers dell'antincendio for the share in 2010 and paid to all workers share in 2011;
  • to proceed right away to start with rounds of not less than 101 days. and program the fire so that this campaign will start by early April by improving the effectiveness and efficiency workers and labor
  • the transposition of the Negotiable signed in December 2010 under the terms set out in LR 14/2006;
  • the approval of a law reforming the forestry sector, which transposes the ' Agreement and reunifying the two Departments for employment levels.
Given the importance of the issues mentioned above and the centrality of the forestry sector in Sicily in relation to matters relating to land development and environmental protection and the hydrogeological as well as the appearance consolidation and stabilization of employment of about 25 000 employees, the coordinator, if the interlocutor does not result in progress in a very short time (15 days), the practical certainty that such claims are the solution, mandating the Provincial Secretariat to involve FAI and Uila to activate, right now, all efforts to combat necessary and appropriate to achieve the above objectives.


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