Monday, January 31, 2011

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Love Wine - Barolo

This weekend I went to Love Wine event, held in the halls of the old Fiera di Milano.
The exhibition space was not huge, but well distributed and there was also an area dedicated to themed events. I followed the lesson
These Fiorenzo (President AIS California) on distillates in the world and that of Luis Perazzo (Best Sommelier of Italy 2005) on beer.

Of all the winery have come with their products I want to point out:

Policreti I was very excited about their "Tai" and the stories of Fabio Weeden Policreti their ungrafted vines, very old.

Abbey Morrona David De Ranieri on the stand that the company has raccontanto located in the province of Pisa.

San Gregorio one of five daughters of the owner made us taste their vintages and excellent products leading product.

Very nice stand of Birra Moretti with a vintage car of the Spear:



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