Monday, January 31, 2011

Frases De Felicitacion Tarjetas De Boda

Prince Vacca - Neive (CN)

This year I went to visit the Prince Cow Farm, a family run winery located in Neive, one of the Barbaresco.
to greet the two young brothers who are taking over the company with their father's best investments.
First they showed me the new press tool soft membrane used for the first time during the last harvest. Unfortunately, the winter has not given me the chance to see the vines growing in their splendor, we sent in the cold cellar, which perhaps was not so bad ....
I visited both the new part, where there is a temperature-controlled steel for whites, is the most charming old part, where there are still barrels of concrete and wood used for aging red wines. Yet the fiberglass for wines younger and for some experiments.

Then we went into the tasting room:

Fairies Chardonnay 2009 This
of "Fate" is a new product line, bottled in clear bottles, very intense perfume, international vine is expressed well in this area, the vineyard is very young.

Langhe Arneis 2009
The traditional dry white wine Roero, it is well set in these hills, more complex than previous scents, fruits and flowers with hints of honey. Intense yellow color, fresh and round, no malolactic fermentation and contains very little sulfite.

Dolcetto 2008
ruby \u200b\u200bred color, intense aromas of fruit, moderate tannins, balanced, ready to drink for everyday meals.

Nebbiolo 2006
garnet color, elegant aromas that remain over time, evolved tannins and balanced. Very easy to drink for consumption on the red meats.

Barbaresco 2006 Nebbiolo is required
After tasting this wine, with great product selection decisions in the vineyard and winery. Garnet red color, intense aromas and elegant, floral and spicy sensations and harmonious in the mouth, structured. Three years of aging in large oak casks. The vineyards are located in areas Gaia-Prince, Currie, and Cotto.

Oro Moscato 2009 Prince
As the last sweet wine with sweet, intense aromas characteristic of this grape variety, natural bubbles, low alcohol content, intense straw yellow color, to be eaten fresh in a simple pastry and cakes abbianamento poor.

After this tasting, accompanied by sausage and Toma Piedmontese, Federico and I welcome Stephen to return to Milan. Hello



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