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UGL - President Lombardi

August 26, 2010

forestry workers, the UGL Syracuse is the report of the meeting with the President of the Lombardy Region

Signed agreement to start work with effect immediate use of forest workers with temporary contracts by the Company State Forests and for the completion of the working days.
And 'what emerged from the meeting yesterday at the Palazzo D'Orleans among the OS Ugl Food Sicily and the President of the Regione Siciliana, Raffaele Lombardo.
The Regional Secretariat Food Ugl Sicily called the revival of the forestry sector through the respect of the union agreement of 14 May 2009 for two divisions (Farm and Forestry), the immediate resumption of negotiations for the renewal of Cirla , the settlement of fees for 2010 and arrears Contract 2006-2008.
Lombardo, as reported by the UGL, he understood the reasons UGL Food Sicily assumed the commitment to address the arguments for a quick solution in a subsequent meeting scheduled resumibilmente for 6 or 7 September.
The Regional Secretariat has proposed to President Lombardo Food for the Protection of employment levels and the certainty of opening a path of transparent stabilizzaizone precarious and guarantee current salary.
"We are confident for the final commitment of Lombardo about the solutions to thorny issues solicited from the category of forest Ugl Sicily - maintain the union - the President at the commitment that will lead to a next meeting scheduled for early September. "
The UGL Sortino has expressed a note full solidarity and closeness to all the forestry workers' the way as the President of the Region and its Board is humiliating them, in fact, for three months do not receive salary, all signed agreements and protocols have not been met, the supplementary contract Regional expired a decade, most workers still must complete working days guaranteed by law 14/06 and so on. The UGL
Sortino, UGL Regional Secretary will ask the class to act quickly on an issue that we believe is becoming very shameful and very serious. The President and Alderman Lombardi On Bufardeci competent regional, rather than thinking to settle regional governments every three months, we invite you to respond to a certain category of always abused and often used and misused in various election campaigns. The UGL
unfortunately can not but denounce the lack of trade union unity because of the presumption of CGIL-CISL and UIL can and want to represent everyone at any cost, often blocking many important negotiations for the industry. The UGL
hopes, both in the political world, and from that union, a more responsible attitude to jointly find solutions and answers for years waiting for forestry workers.



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