Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things To Write In A Guest Wedding Book

City Black and White Scansano Scansano (De.Co.)

The City Council approved the criteria for creation of a collective mark in Title Town (De.Co.) read the resolution n.108/2009 / deco / deco_del.pdf - read the Annex DOCG Bianco di Scansano municipal / deco / deco_all_a.pdf - read the Annex DOCG Comunale di Scansano Black www.comune.scansano / deco / deco_all_b.pdf . What is Title Town? The De.Co. is a census made by the City, artisanal production (agricultural or otherwise) on their territory. The census is intended by the municipality which mandates the junta to implement it. In the late fifties Luigi Veronelli begins to consider that certain products are named by the diction of the municipality where they come to light, he launched in July 1999, when Anci 's idea that the municipalities POSAS promote its territory through the agricultural production and handicrafts. In October 2001 the Italian Parliament approved the Constitutional Law 3, which makes it possible to legislate for local authorities on local relevance. In June 2002, is approved in Brescia, on a proposal by Riccardo Lagorio, the first city name. In May 2005 the Minister Giovanni Alemanno said that each municipality may collect the De.Co. The De.Co. collective mark is a geographical (MCG), the law provides that "persons who perform the function of guaranteeing the origin, nature or quality of certain goods may obtain registration for the appropriate collective marks, and have the authority to allow the use of such marks to producers and traders. "It is a useful census to photograph an area, the De.Co then fails to protect the artifact in relation to third countries, (besides NEAC European designation for products there is no such protection). The De.Co.non is incompatible with the European Title (PDO, PGI ..), is an excellent tool to enhance the wealth of its territory, in particular fields and wine (wine in this case). The De.Co. describing how a product is processed and can enhance traditional methods in order to increase sense of belonging to a community.

In the picture the banner of the municipality of Scansano, a symbol of De.Co.


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