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13-sheet of the vineyard and wine DOCG


Name / vineyard the : Vigna Botri
Soil: limestone with
Exposure of rows : south
Altitude: 250 meters above sea level

Grapevine s : all grape varieties typical of Scansano
Rootstocks s : 420th
Training System: Guyot
Average age of vines: 0-40
Plant density (plants / ha) : from 2300 to 5000
production per plant (kg / plant) : up to 1.5 kg plant
Production per hectare (q / ha) : 60 q
treatment (type and frequency) : sulfur powder every week from May to July and copper only when it rains
Fertilizers (type and frequency) : green manure
vintage Start Date: September
How to harvest (whether manual or mechanical, manual and indicate whether if in boxes, in box, in the trailer) : manual in cases
Using grapes bought from third parties (if yes, what percentage) : no
Certification (organic, biodynamic, etc.) : Any biological
Additional information related to the viticulture :

mode stemming and crushing : only stemming
mode pressing : soft-lung
vinification (material) : wood and steel
maceration (time and temperature, whether the subsidiary) : minimum 30 days up to 60, temperature is not controlled by the red, white and controlled temperature no maceration
Sulphur dioxide and / or ascorbic acid (quantity and time of addition) : arrival at the winery and bottling adjustment
use of selected yeasts (if yes, type and origin, indicate if the yeast have a certification No GMOs) : is selected by the university Florence, no GM
Methodology stabilization : no
filtering (if yes, type) : to bottling
Clarification (if yes, type) : for whites bentonite,
Possible aging in stainless steel (length) : 1 year for red wines, 6 months for whites
Possible aging in casks or barrels (type, capacity and no steps) : a year for the Reds, capacity from 7.5 to 25 hl Slavonian oak
Possible in bottle (duration) : 1 year red, white three months
Corrections : no
use of concentrated / rectified concentrated : no
concentrator : no
Practices "bleeding" : no
Grape / Wine (%) : 60-70%

Number of bottles: Bordeaux light
type bottle (Burgundy, Bordeaux, Alsace, albeisa etc) :
cap (material) : cork

Destination marc:
production of grappa distillery or spirits (yes or no): no
Place and the distillation method:

The chemical

Alcohol: 14
Acidity (g / l) : 6.1
Ph: 3.30
dry extract (g / l) : 28.00
free sulfur dioxide (mg / l bottling) : 22.00
Total sulfur dioxide (mg / l to 'bottling) : 58.00

Organoleptic and free

My wine is :



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