Friday, October 1, 2010

Awkward Brazilian Wax

Territory or genius loci

The name City, one of the last battles of Louis Veronelli
if used with care and precision, will be a means to prevent scompasa
the rural world: adopted by strictness (banned productions
trivial that can be replicated commercially) makes the product different from a thousand other
according to its origin, leads to direct contact between producer and consumer
(in what is beyond the Alps Cru said).
Anonymous products, industry will continue to have the function of feeding, however
more and more people will want to know the face of the author of a
product, which certainly should be prepared and rigorous. a brief history
- Luigi Veronelli in June 1999 launched the idea that municipalities could
promote its territory through the agricultural and handicraft

-in 'in October 2001 Parliament adopted the Constitutional Law 3, which makes it possible to legislate
institutions local matters pertaining to local
- was approved in June 2002, in Brescia, the first denomination

City - In May 2005 the Minister Giovanni Alemanno said that each municipality may collect the
- it is a census by the City wanted, artisanal production
territorio.Il on their census is intended by the Council gives a mandate to
come to realize it.


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