Monday, August 30, 2010

Modem Hook Up With Phone

What is De.Co.

What things the De.Co.

1. The De.Co. is an eco-

2. 'S regulated by legislation under the collective marks.

3. It is not incompatible with the European designation (IGP DOP. ...)

4.E 'a great way to enhance a given territory, which, however, requires a serious analysis and census to identify what are the products that best represent , and lends itself to many opportunities for local marketing.

5.Può specify how a product is processed and can enhance traditional methods. 6.The

actors by the municipality are farmers, manufacturers, restaurateurs (real ambassadors of the territory), and all together contribute to the enhancement of its territory. For this rgione the De.Co. may be useful to strengthen the sense of belonging to a community.


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