Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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The Wine: Vineyards

Two generations have chosen to specialize and work very hard with a single grape variety and a challenge at the beginning hard not granted, without compromise,
with the sole objective to best interpret the character: a land of extreme-

-an incredible variety

the Fiano

Vineyard & Winemaking

  • altitude 800 meters.

  • poor soil

  • natural fertilization treatments with sulfur and copper

  • density of 6,200 plants per hectare

  • allevevamento Guyot

  • harvest in October

  • long maceration on the skins fermentation in stainless

  • use of indigenous yeasts

  • limited use of sulfur

  • exclusion of other additives

  • unfiltered (for durability without chemicals)

  • wine ages well


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