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Putting Alcohol In A Camelbak

Vinissage, salon bioeccellente and solidarity, a journey through Help

For a weekend Asti wine capital becomes natural. It will happen on 15 and 16 May when the next will take place in the prestigious setting of the Palace of Micheler, The fifth edition of Vinissage , an event that each year shows a growing interest among fans and insiders. The initiative, organized by the Municipality of Asti with the support of wine making workshop will feature two days of tastings, debates, meetings, art dedicated to those who see the wine much more than a beverage: a social gathering, a witness to history and territory, a cultural asset for all purposes.

The protagonists are natural wines - organic and biodynamic - more than sixty of vintners from different regions Italian and France united by respect for the earth and for the consumer and the sustainability of such practices in the vineyard to the cellar. Vinissage But there will also be space for the study - is scheduled for Saturday the 16th conference Biodiversity nauturalità, prison economy which will involve a joint reflection journalists and representatives of associations - the culture (in a concert jazz for the evening of Saturday and a guided tour of the future of Cathedral Diocesan Museum) and a tasting devoted to the Barbera d'Asti DOCG (Sunday from 17), organized to draw attention to one of the most important Piedmont reds that was recently awarded the DOCG, and that is the focus of a major communications campaign.

The program is also a showcase for Piedmontese cheeses, the sale of food from the prison sector of the economy and the lessons Gourmet Cooking School. Vinissage 2010, which will be characterized for the first time in a communication network "live" on the main channels of information on the Internet, is organized by the city of Asti in agreement with the Province of Asti, Regione Piemonte and Fondazione Crasto. The initiative also has a synergy with wine making workshop association that promotes eco-friendly wine production to guarantee the bioeccellenze. "The sole purpose of our association - explain the founding of OE - is its willingness to support the winemakers whose products are the fruit of a vine-growing and a lifestyle based on respect of nature and preservation of biodiversity, even through organic and biodynamic, attentive to human health and that they are true expressions of the land and labor that produces them. " The result is that you want to pursue the "development and strengthening of small local economies with active involvement of the consumer."

"Vinissage - says Maurizio Rasero, city councilor to the events - is a precious cameo in view of the great jewel wine of Piedmont and Italy. Enriches and completes the offer of Asti wine tourism. Coming here means sharing with the winemakers and their wines respect nature and its cycles, spread a culture of strong links with the land in harmony with nature. The added value provided by the wines 'natural' is an invitation not to be missed to discover another piece of the mosaic in wine. "

Among the many innovations in the program of this fifth edition of Vinissage CFPP is working with the House of Charity of Verbania , a charity, that is a non-profit utility social, which is responsible for guidance, vocational training and socio-working predominantly disadvantaged people, prisoners, former prisoners, at-risk youth, foreigners, drug addicts. Among the activities there are also biological and food crops. And these projects included in Asti dell'enosalone provide an opportunity to make known to the public and to buy products of the "prison economy" as well as offering an opportunity for reflection on the profound meaning of those activities that enable integration of prisoners through the mechanism of rehabilitation.

There will also be guided tours of the future Museum of the Cathedral, one of the glories of Asti understood as a city of art and the lessons of "Cooking with Wine" maintained by the school Gourmet (booking essential on that will feature the best local dishes to accompany wine tasting. In the picturesque setting of the Palace of the concerts are also planned Micheler live music.

Finally, here's a summary of the event ID:


- Saturday, May 15 pm 15.30 to 21.00

- Sunday, May 16 from 10.30am to 20


Asti, Palace Micheler, Corso Alfieri 381


with tasting at all the companies, and catalog cup € 5.00

Info: mail:


WORKSHOP wine making

Tel +39 335 6238642


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