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Taste naked "Fair of the tenants' 24-25 April 2010 Bologna



24 & 25 April 2010 BOLOGNA

" When the classical world will be exhausted when they're dead, all peasants and all the craftsmen, when there are no more fireflies , bees, butterflies, when the industry has made relentless cycle of production, then our history will be over "(1962) PP Pasolini

With this we come 2010 the fourth edition of Taste Nude, an event that a child born at the experimental experience has managed to dig their own credibility on the national scene ... .. think about it and even internationally, given the experience in Berlin last November

again this year so we are ready to bring our to Bologna Fair.

Fair than in previous editions had as its corollary the words "independent of the tenants," This year we want to change, why not disclaim our history and even our beliefs, we still believe that the concept of independent winemaker is key to a relationship I see the fruitful collaboration in production volume with that of land conservation and landscape. We believe at the same time that this "movement" of independent winemakers, wine producers of natural and events that support both at a crossroads. The market, the big one, the company's business of large retailers are in a confident way of appropriating and realizing value that represents this movement, and unfortunately we do not mean talking about value to the cultural value but to the merely monetary.

We therefore propose to you tenants, key players in this important and exciting season for the Italian agriculture to join a new concept. From this year will be called Taste Nude "exhibition of Winegrowers Heretics. "

Heretics why not available to come to terms with the liberal doctrine, heretics because they believe that the respect of the land is inseparable from respect for the man, be it consumer or employee in the work in the vineyard and winery, in defending heretics because steel the character of its product by the type of mass distribution, heretics because we are convinced that biodiversity is a treasure that belongs to nature at 360 °, from the flora of the landscape of humanity.

We want to create a meeting of tenants that we like to call "heretics" because we refer to the semantics of this term, where heresy means ability to choose between options, and strength in affirming their convictions. We do not believe and do not suggest you or martyrdom, or the risk of the indexing of your work, but we are convinced that a group of men and women, producers, convinced that it is necessary to relaunch a political proposal, peasant and human person's relationship 'Industry, can stand as a viable alternative to the hegemony blind cross mercato.Vogliamo offer consumers and lovers of food and wine, a meeting of cultures and knowledge that refuse to quit in their autonomy or typical, but they confront, accept and will thus become harbingers of joy in their simplicity.

With this appointment, with those that follow and then we create spaces for comparison, for imagination and dreams, and also for the acquisition of el'autorganizzazione new market space. Yes, finally independent.

We invite you to Bologna on 24 and 25 April, from 15 to 21, in the former convent of San Leonardo in Bolognetti Lane 2, Bologna, space is an ancient cloister of the 600 site in the old city, logistical situation that allows - in our view - a nice use of the event by all participants.

During the fair will of course possible to sell their products

Hoping to have whetted your appetite to attend and with the desire to suffer and we could see again soon to better define your presence will extend our heartiest regards.

fee for both days, 70 €, the fee includes Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch.

If you need a bed in Bologna for the night of April 24 we have agreements with some hotels near the area where the event will be held. Please inform us as soon as possible to your needs, keeping in mind that we will ask you 40 € per person for the night to add to the company's share.


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