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Walking together: the participatory certification

walk together. The certification company or group for organic farmers: a further step in building an active solidarity between producers and consumers.

The ASCI takes up the concept developed in recent years in the international movement of small farmers, such as Via Campesina, sovereignty 'FOOD. This concept considers union passed a corporate model that privileges the interests of a class, independently from those of society. The right for consumers to have access to healthy food and at a fair price and quality go hand in hand with the right of the party to be able to make production decisions addressed to the local markets and sufficiently profitable. In recent years as producers are organized in an ever more effective in different modes of direct sales, consumers are organized as effectively in GAS, open debates on consumer choices than aware that we organize in solidarity and sometimes even in forms of self. Facilitate and create opportunities to meet and exchange between these entities is increasingly important.

also by small producers who sell their products directly to consumers or markets, he feels the need for a system of certification for organic production that seeks to eliminate the problems you have with third-party certification ( high costs, the certifying body which has as its counterpart, excessive bureaucracy). The only self sometimes used by small producers do not seem to be enough: the island too producer in his company and is not always clearly understood by the consumer.

In some countries outside Europe, and recently also in Europe, are active forms of group certification recognized and supported by IFOAM (PGS - participatory Guarantee System) which applied in our country reality may well meet the needs of small producers by removing part of problems of the current system of organic certification and encouraging collaboration with consumers. In a nutshell, the Group Certification should include:

- direct and participatory involvement of the producer, the consumer (or other gas) and also external technical

- Certification program membership and knowledge of the rules
under the program - a business visit made by other farmers in the area of \u200b\u200brelevance in collaboration with consumers interested in being part of gas or less, so they can better understand the various issues relating to agricultural production and establish direct relationships with producers.

Furthermore, the visit by other farmers can also do a job for technical updates, exchange of experiences, and sharing of knowledge.


-The voluntariness of the work done at least at the level of verification company can make the certification costs much lower.

- The participation of consumers at all stages of the certification and a critical number of applications from producers in a given region or bioregion, may allow the adoption of a mark that will facilitate the identification of a producer as a participant in a system of easily objectivity, and then get the trust of those not directly involved in the certification system.

these circumstances you decide to start a project so constituted.

We propose an early stage of experimentation and knowledge to 'THE Fierucola Association and farms participating in the organized markets that it already currently have a self-certification.

* A first step is the inspection carried out in a owned all the farms that currently participate in the market for the self-declaration of fierucola. In other words, a reasonable number of companies in the same area of \u200b\u200bthe producer to visit the company pre-established by filling out a form on a preformed grid. There will be an active one or more consumer representatives. It will be possible to combine a visit by prior arrangement, at a moment of exchange business. In some grids attached to the company visits: the first use of a PGS recognized by IFOAM (Organic Food New Zealand), the second of Wholesome Food Association, a group of small farmers and British comparison grid for use in a gas ( montagnana gas). # The forms will be filled then collected by a coordinator who will reunite with the self-declaration made by each company (as already requested that the plan must contain production company) and subjected to a monitoring committee that may require further clarification in case of doubt, or decide on the acceptance and conversion period be allocated to new entrants to the bio.Sulla basis of knowledge acquired in the previous phase (lasting at least one year) and of the reports and findings that have since made it easier understand the real possibilities, size, effort, cost, for a system of participatory certification, and then start the appropriate phase subsequent consolidation.

invite you to explore the themes these manufacturers directly or indirectly involved, associations and representatives of the bio-gas concerned to attend.

For info: Xavier Nannini (0558493007, s.nannini_mr @


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