Sunday, October 18, 2009

Frequent Tinnitus Spikes

Harvest Arturo

writer has just finished working as a seasonal pick grapes, that is harvested, hired on temporary contracts by a very determined guy with a surname that is a bigwig in heraldry of Italian.

under him I found a key all-rounder, some rare migrant, a group of students and a large team of my friends, by word of mouth that had invaded the rows of patrician lover of vines.

In extremis you added a Polish boy involved in the collection baskets laden with grapes. He knew only to say in Italian "bucket", "Enough!" and "Go," and as they learned a new word to the poor increasingly resembled Wojtyla.

build the team we entered the vineyard of the Lord. And here are beginning to change from the past. The spectacular vintage era of intoxication is conceived as a sort of Big Brother. The factor is no longer a brute who goes around with a hatchet in his belt, ready to disembowel some idle workers ungrateful. It is a handsome middle-aged tamarro in telephone communication with the owner, who was imprisoned in the villa business, he makes the nomination for the next phase of Reality. So he decides who will go from the vine, who will remain in the good graces of the feudal lord, who has the right to return sporcasi in the hands of the sangiovese grape behind penance.

The work is structured with different skills. The tractor is operated by a tractor and through a pair of rows. The harvesters are arranged in two rows on the right and left of the tractor and cut the grapes in accordance with received: the best grapes seedless is rotten in quality wine, the rich, the grapes dry and mold are collected in a Later, when the wine is ground for the poor. Behind the tractor moving the two workers gatherers, who systematically collect the buckets loads of grapes from the hands of cutters and upset them in the basket attached to the tractor. The factor exerts intense at this level repression. Usually patrol the rows, checking the sins of omission of the harvesters and setting the penalties, which may be negligent or intentional.


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