Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Don Quixote habla Español!

August 26, 2009. Post Blog De Vinis "chronic sobre los vinos y sus comidas" by Jose Gomez Pallarès. ( )
"Es que me has a wine emocionado. Tiene el color del sol atardecer to, perform that gives color to the must ultimately live with the skins, this late harvest that colors the skin but, paradoxically, provides a unique dry wine. The white color of the Zampaglione. Much room is in the bottle, high purity and authenticity, no shaving. Honey Brown resin and amaze with a texture and flavor in the mouth amazing. Tannins in the fiano, yes. Amazed at his seriousness old, its rigor, parsimony nuanced, almost dry manzanilla his last. It is a wine without compromise. I take it as is, without more, without decanting, please, and a temperature that allows enjoyment of textures and hues. Palpate the skin, dense smell the field, intense, old wood in the sun, lavender, bushes, thyme and oregano, pine needle. Understory and at the same time, cool of dawn. It may be an expensive wine (do not point the price, but I think that goes for 18 euros), but I assure you it is a worthwhile experience. Fiano is the best I've tasted in my life right now, one of the great Italian white wines, as far as I drink ... I distributed Enoteca d'Italia : what they are escaping these guys ... "


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