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Can Gonorrhea Cause Leg Pain

La Stampa 21/08/2008

fiano authentic

Paolo Massobrio
The Zampaglione, with their organic farm (cereals and pasture) had already mapped out a sign in agricultural development in Alta Irpinia, rugged border area between Campania, Puglia and Basilicata. But since 2002, is the "challenge in the challenge" of brothers Michael and Pierre, assisted by his wife and his grandson Guido, owner of a reality in Piedmont wine: growing Fiano, strained by high elevation (800 meters) high temperature ranges, in rather poor soils. There are three hectares of vines in many fields located near Calitri (5000 bottles per year). Now, the wine I and Marco Gatti we considered it a revelation is the Campania Fiano "Don Quixote", 2006, dewy and flint and mineral notes on the nose that is almost sweet (it is the etymology of that fiano just call the honey). From his bright yellow and lavender feel the spices in the mouth is almost tannic, full, evolved. The name is due to the image of huge wind turbines that dominate the landscape. It comes from a grape harvest in mid-October, a long maceration without addition of yeast and unfiltered, over a year of aging in steel. It is the most authentic expression of Fiano d'Avellino tasted this year. THE TUFIELLO Calitri (AV) SS 399, KM. 6082738851 - 0815757604UNA BOTTLE OF CAMPANIA FIANO Don Quixote 2006: 18 EURO


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