Friday, May 16, 2008

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Don Quixote Fiano Campania IGT 2005

Tufiello The Farm Commission

of Alcohol: 12.5 -
Grapes: Fiano wine
A wholly original, as is the style of wines that have already signed Guido Zampaglione known for its powerful reds from Piedmont and the Baccabianca, another experiment of white wine fermented by the red (and then without separating the juice from the skins during fermentation). This Don Quixote is exceptional. Apart from the originality of the product, to detect the perfect balance between the various components and impact on our taste even more enjoyable because of a vine that perhaps, than the polite, benefits most from the rest of the skins. Overall, the taste is fruity, long and lingering and very pleasant with mild residual tannic in the mouth clean and stimulating drink. Nice work!

Tigulliovino Rating: 18/20 (@@@@@)

Published January 17 2009


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